Open Source Projects

At BigCommerce, we benefit greatly from open source communities, and strive to give back. Below are the libraries we've built and open sourced.

api Other 26 18

BigCommerce public API specs

bc-lightstep-ruby Ruby 0 1

Generic lightstep library for distributed tracing in ruby

bc-sample-apps Other 1 2

BigCommerce sample applications

bigcommerce-api-php PHP 134 101

Connect PHP applications with the Bigcommerce Platform

bigcommerce-api-python Python 51 43

Python client library for Bigcommerce API

bigcommerce-api-ruby Ruby 92 63

Connect Ruby applications with the Bigcommerce Platform

bigcommerce-api-usecases Other 2 2


bigpay-client-js JavaScript 7 0

Bigpay client-side library

checkout-sdk-js TypeScript 18 12

BigCommerce Checkout JavaScript SDK

checkout-sdk-js-example JavaScript 2 5

BigCommerce Checkout JavaScript SDK Example

cornerstone HTML 165 67

The BigCommerce Cornerstone theme

data-docker-debian-runfromenv Shell 0 0

Basic Debian image to run a user-supplied script from the environment.

data-store-js TypeScript 1 1

A JavaScript library for managing application state

drupal-module-clientside_validation Other 3 0

Fork of the Drupal clientside_validation module to fix an upstream Internet Explorer bug -

form-poster-js TypeScript 0 1

Post HTML form programmatically

grphp PHP 0 3

PHP gRPC Framework

gruf Ruby 19 158

gRPC Ruby Framework

gruf-circuit-breaker Ruby 0 2

Circuit breaker support for gruf

gruf-commander Ruby 0 2

Command/Request library for Gruf request validation

gruf-demo Ruby 4 8

A demonstration Rails application utilizing gruf, a gRPC Rails framework.

gruf-lightstep Ruby 0 2

LightStep tracing for gruf

gruf-profiler Ruby 0 3

Profiler for gruf-backed gRPC requests

gruf-zipkin Ruby 1 6

Zipkin tracing plugin for Gruf

handlebars-v4 JavaScript 0 0

Wrapper for Handlebars.js v4

hello-world-app-php-silex PHP 30 9

Hello World sample app in PHP and Silex

hello-world-app-python-flask Python 20 11

Hello World sample app in Python and Flask

hello-world-app-ruby-sinatra Ruby 21 6

Hello World sample app with Ruby, Sinatra and DataMapper

net-http PHP 6 5

A basic HTTP client.

noopraven-go Go 0 1

A raven-go interface with a noop implementation.

omniauth-bigcommerce Ruby 22 7

OmniAuth Bigcommerce Strategy

optimized-checkout-changelog Other 3 0

Summarises the changes made to the Optimized One Page Checkout Angular application.

paper JavaScript 15 7

Paper assembles templates and translations and renders pages using backend template engines

paper-handlebars JavaScript 6 0

Paper plugin for rendering via Handlebars.js

php-resque-pause PHP 7 1

An addon for php-resque, php-resque-pause adds functionality to pause resque jobs.

puppet-module-supervisor Ruby 3 0

Puppet module for configuring the supervisor daemon control utility

request-sender-js TypeScript 3 0

HTTP request client for browsers

sass-style-guide CSS 20 246

Sass coding guidelines for BigCommerce themes

script-loader-js TypeScript 1 1

A library for loading JavaScript files asynchronously

statsd-client PHP 5 2

Record timing, increment, and count metrics in StatsD

stencil-citadel CSS 3 2

Citadel Opensource

stencil-cli JavaScript 56 33

BigCommerce Stencil emulator for local theme development

stencil-lang-validator JavaScript 0 0

Validate language keys used in templates and scripts

stencil-styles HTML 6 2

Compiles SCSS for the Stencil Framework

stencil-utils JavaScript 14 5

Utility library for the Stencil theme framework.

tslint-config Other 2 0

Default TSLint configuration used at BigCommerce

validate-commits JavaScript 1 1

Commit message validator